We prayed for faith…

In church on Sunday we were told to pray for God to stretch our faith, I knew when I said the prayer what the Bible says about faith, and how faith is perfected. We are in the midst of a trial right now. We are asking that you pray with us until this issue is resolved.
About two months ago we were in (caused) a minor car accident. So through much worry and drama we fianlly thought that it was all taken care of a week ago. It seemed like the insurance was finally going to pay out, but last night we spoke to the man whose car was scratched up. He is very mad, and says that our insurance refuses to pay him, so now he cannot get his vehicle and is threatening to “take it to the next level.” We are not sure what that means, and why our insurance would decide to not pay all of a sudden. It is quite a messy situation, and we want to be sure to handle it in the most godly way possible. There are many other details, but I do not have the time to tell of them now.
Please take a minute right now to pray for this issue to be resolved soon!

4 thoughts on “We prayed for faith…

  1. Hi Sandy! I am praying that these issues are resolved in a quick manner and that you and the other car owner involved get the money from the insurance company. ((hugs))

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