Introducing: “Selfies with Raylin”

Hey everyone, we’re going to do a new series on the blog over the next several weeks. Raylin, our first official staff member at 3 Measures, is making sure that everything keeps going while we’re gone (in case you missed it we’re in the States until Feb 3rd). Each week he’s going to take a selfie at one of our events and write a short blog post to tell you what’s happening. We’re calling it, “Selfies with Raylin.”

But first, let us formally introduce him…

Raylin was a part of Hope Club, our Saturday night program for young adults, from the beginning. Since then we’ve changed Hope Club into Thrive Group. On Sundays we meet together to study the Bible, worship our God and enjoy time together as a community. Rayin was baptized back in May this year and joined our staff in August. He is a passionate Christian and has been such a blessing to us. Hope you enjoy getting to know him more over the next couple of months!

Stay tuned, Raylin’s first selfie will be posted on Saturday.

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