Selfies with Raylin: Thrive Bible Study

This week’s selfie finds me at our Thrive Bible study. This Bible study is that part in our name “3 measures” which involves the spiritual aspect of people’s lives. Reaching people spiritually is the most important thing that we aim to achieve in this community. This picture was taken at our Bible study with young adults and meets on Sundays. Every week has its own topic of discussion.


A note from the Echols:

This Thrive Bible study has been at the center of most of what we have done so far. This is where community, trust, discipleship and support¬† begin. It is where people are asking life’s tough questions, searching their souls, coming to repentance and experiencing God. While we’re away we have four of the young men we baptized this year taking turns leading the Bible study. This past Sunday was Raylin’s turn again, he led a biblical discussion about perseverance.

David & Sandy



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