Selfies with Raylin: The Shikongo Family

My selfie for this week was with the Shikongo family in the Katutura.

We met them while we were busy with house visits and saw great potential in them. We believe that this family can be a foundation for starting a ministry to spread the Good News to the rest of the community.

We meet on Thursday’s and share a Bible study with the whole family.


A note from the Echols:

The Shikongo family is made up of an elderly married couple, Abraham & Margret, and their four daughters. Also included in this weekly meeting is Margret’s brother who lives nearby. We meet in their home once a week and, as Raylin said, this is an amazing family that has shown great potential. They are hungry for the Word of God and have shown interest in opening their home to others with the same hunger.

We are calling this our second “Thrive group” and look forward to developing it into a new community of believers who can grow physically, socially and spiritually together.

Please pray for the Shikongo family, for their continued discipleship and for their health. Pray that God will do what he wants with this family and their home. Also, pray for Raylin as he is leading this Bible study while we are away.

David & Sandy

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