Selfies with Raylin: Hope Cafe

Hi everyone, I am Raylin Uirab and this is my first selfie!

This is me at Monday night’s Hope Cafe. Community members from our Thrive group meet here to use the provided internet to do college homework, research, assignment and projects. We also just come here to enjoy time together and the refreshments that are sold.


Note from the Echols:

Internet is not always as easy to come by in Namibia as it is in other parts of the world. We noticed a need for internet access in Katutura especially among our college and university students. Internet tends to be very expensive and is usually charged on a per mb basis. In most cases the only internet access available to them is free from midnight to 5 AM, leaving our students often having to wait until then to begin their studies. Hope Cafe was our answer to this problem. It has been a big success, allowing students a chance to use internet and providing a safe and fun place for community members to socialize.

If you’re ever in Namibia, feel free to drop by Hope Cafe, so far we’re open every Monday and Thursday evening.

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