INTERNational Living Part 4: Final Thoughts

Intern, Melissa Faraci, with Thrive group in Katutura, Namibia.It is crazy how time flies. Being back in the United States has given me some time to reflect on my internship in Namibia. Oh how dearly I miss the people there. The Lord has done so much in my life. He has inspired me and moved me by the people that have blessed my life and have allowed me into theirs.

David and Sandy are truly impacting many people for Christ. The Thrive group is growing into a community that not only cares for those within, but is beginning to to look outward as well. The retreat we had for them brought a spark of passion for their community. I cannot wait to see what these young adults are going to do. They are world changers. David has done a fantastic job of leading these students and showing them who Christ is. In turn, these students are reaching out to others to impact the Kingdom.

Sandy Echols teaching class for young pregnant ladies in Katutura, Namibia.Sandy has inspired me in her leadership. She has led her household with dignity and love. Her two boys reveal who Christ is even at three and one. It truly is a testament to what she is instilling in her children every day. She is a humble servant to her children, the other missionaries and the community. While I was there, Sandy and a few other ladies began a ministry to young pregnant girls. I only got to hear her teach a few times, but you could see Christ in her words and actions. She is a gifted teacher. It was amazing to see Sandy support these girls in a difficult time in their lives.

A huge part of the ministry that I was involved in involved visiting homes. We had the Sonder Water in Katutura, Namibiaopportunity to go to a little community within Katutura called Sonder Water. It was a wonderful opportunity. We basically went into their community and began to ask about their skills and abilities. It was amazing to see how this simple questions could change the way they viewed themselves. I talked with a group of gentlemen. They started bragging about each other. They began to sit a little taller. It was great to be a part of a community development program, even if only at the beginning.

There were so many things that I experienced and saw the Lord do that it would be hard to write it all down in this blog post. David and Sandy are doing great and inspiring ministry, but they are in need of help.

Matthew 9:37- Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

David and Sandy have their hands in many different ministries that are working with the community to reach those who are in need of Christ. In Namibia there is a great thirst to discover who Jesus truly is. People are willing to hear about the Gospel and are open to have these conversations, but there are just not enough workers for the harvest. This desire is strong. I ask and plead that you would pray that the Lord would send workers.

I am so grateful for these experiences. My hope and prayer is that I would have the opportunity to go back. Namibia will always have a special place in my heart. I have learned and grown so much in Christ. My life has been changed forever.

Jesus, I ask and pray that you would send workers into this country. You are Lord. Thank you for knowing and loving this community and this country. Continue to bring your Kingdom to earth and transform lives for you. I ask that you would raise up leaders in Katutura. Bring your change. Thank you for always being faithful. Bring your hope.

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