The name of this blog is “how beautiful are the feet” from Romans 10:15. The passage is about the gospel, and how it has to be preached for people to hear, and how happy we are to receive a good message. Thus we would think that someone who carried a message to us had beautiful feet. The first time I really thought about this verse was in 2002 when David and Kyle were working in the North of Namibia. Kyle had a poster on his wall with that verse. So I want to introduce you to some of the feet that we work with at Community Hope School in the next few weeks. As you get to know each of our co-workers take a moment to pray for them!

The first pair of beautiful feet belong to a 31 year old Dutch girl. She has been with the school for many years. She started off as the second grade teacher, but now is the classroom teacher in grade three. She has a heart for kids. She used to work in Cape Town with AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children before coming to Namibia. In fact she has spent most of he adult life serving children in need of love. She knows the heart of each of the children in her class. I have seen her cry over the stories that they tell, and I have seen how the love she gives has influenced individual children. In her I have found a true friend, she has a fantastic sense of humor, one of her favorite things on earth is cheese, and she usually has a smile on her face. Marye has beautiful feet because she lives her life for God, and she show unloved children the love that Christ has for them.

4 thoughts on “Feet…

  1. Marye also has a unique sense of humor and loves to laugh. Wish I could have introduced her to the game of "scum".

  2. hey sorry to hear about your sickness,Andrea and I are wondering how to get ahold of your fowarding agent. If you could email me your info we would appreciate it. My email is fthstwrd8@gmail.com. Thank you for your work, it inspires us to do more for Jesus. —-Tyler

  3. Yay for beautiful feet! I will never forget what David said to me after our mission trip to Tanzania in 2007. He told me that I have beautiful feet…and since I'm a foot person :) It stuck with me. I hope and pray that God would continue to bless your beautiful feet and hands as you bring the love of Christ into the lives of the people of Namibia. It is good to hear from you. –Lydia