Deficits: When Life Leaves us Wanting

I recently spoke about “deficits” at our Thrive Bible study. The series was very interesting as I saw how the Thrive guys were really engaged in the Bible study topic.

 So, what do I mean by “deficits”? I am talking about something or someone that’s missing in your life which can lead to an emotional or physical impairment. For example, one major deficit that affects my community is the lack of father figures. The worst part is that it is just accepted here. I know this personally because I grew up without a father figure. This led me to seek validation from the wrong friends and look up to older men in my community who just did all the wrong things, but this brought me no peace.

 However, the moment I started seeking validation from Jesus Christ everything started to get in place. My point here is once you allow God to walk with you in all your deficits, He will use you in even more life changing experiences. I can think of a few men that God used despite their deficits. One of them would be Moses in Exodus 4:10 “ But Moses said to the Lord “ Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and of tongue.” Here we can see how Moses had a deficit of speaking but the man helped thousands of people out of slavery, all of this with the strength of God.

 I believe that God worked through this topic and it really made a huge impact on our lives. I hope this speaks to you in some way, if so, please share with us down in the comments.

Raylin Uirab

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