Update: Baby Kiara, Paul & Joseph

There is much news to tell! First of all thank you, thank you, thank you! We have been quite blessed by your generosity in giving and in praying for these dear families. I have been able to take 12 care packages to the families already! This includes things as small and simple as a lunch package to things like a week’s worth of groceries. Usually we don’t really engage in a lot of relief work, since the need is so overwhelming and never ending, instead we have focused on development, but in bringing these relief packages to people we have been able to really show them that they are loved and not alone.

Baby Kiara was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Her stay in the hospital went without any complications, but her burns are still healing so she will continue to go to the clinic every other day to have her bandages changed.  Her mom lost her job when the accident happened because she had to stay in the hospital with her. This family now really needs to find a stable job for Yomanda. Also pray for Kiara, she used to be a very friendly and smiley baby but since the accident she seems to be very reserved and quiet.

Baby Paul was discharged a week ago, even though his hand was still open and oozing. I took a care package with a week’s worth of food for the whole family, including loads of baby food and formula, the day after he was released. I learned after that, he was taken back to Usakos to go and stay with his other grandmother while his parents recover. You may remember that both his parents were also badly injured when their shack burned down. I don’t know if I will ever see this baby again, but he is on my heart constantly, please continue to pray for him and has family.

Baby Joseph is such a little joy! He has a great smile, and runs out the door when he hears the food cart coming! He was due to have a skin graft surgery this past Friday, but after they had him sedated in the operating room the doctor noticed that he had sores all over the inside of his mouth, these had been caused by pneumonia. His surgery was then canceled. His mom did not find out until after he had been in recovery for awhile. So she sat crying and praying, only to find out over 4 hours later that he hadn’t had the surgery. So for now he is still just in the hospital recovering from the lung infection and waiting. This family has been in the hospital for 14 weeks now, and there is no end in sight. Pray for this family!

Since Paul had been sent home a new baby filled his spot in the room. Baby Lawrence was born with water on his brain. He had surgery yesterday to put a stent in to drain some of the fluid off of his brain to relieve the pressure. His mom also is a teenager and has been through so much with her little one. He is three months old. This baby is a sweet heart, he loves to smile and chat and is a very happy baby. Please pray that he heals well from the surgery, that the stent does what it is supposed to and that his brain heals and develops well. I have interacted with many young mothers in the last few years and it really stands out to me how much this young girls loves her child. She lavishes love and attention on to him.

Again, thanks so much for all the support and prayers! In the last ten days I have seen some terrible things in that hospital, but I have also seen young mothers love and care for and fight for their babies. I have also experienced so much concern and care for these families from people all over the world. A local mom’s group has also now taken these families into their hearts and have made several care packages themselves. For now we have no further need for any more money or things, thanks so much again to all of you who have prayed and given!


Help Baby Kiara

My name is Sandy Echols and for a little over a year now 3 Measures (our community development ministry in Katutura, Namibia) has been part of a ministry to young pregnant girls. One of the girls, Yomanda, who attended our first classes had a little girl who just turned a year old last month. We just heard that her baby was badly burned in an accident involving a kettle full of boiling water. I went out to hospital earlier today to check on them and to take some treats. I am still trembling from what I saw in there.

Baby Kiara has severe burns covering more than a quarter of her body. She has bandages  wrapped all around her head and ear, (the burn even went inside of her ear), down her arm and across her back. The poor baby was whining in pain and visibly shaking. Yomanda has been with her since Tuesday when it happened. She is able to stay with her baby in the hospital, a necessity because there is no one else (including nurses) to stay with the child and take care of her throughout the day. At night, she sleeps on a single mattress on the floor. She shares this mattress with the mother and grandmother of the other two burn victims in their room.

One of the others in the room is a little boy, not yet two years old; he has been in for over 3 months. He fell in a fire and had horrendous injuries. He lost an ear along with his hearing. He will have a skin graft surgery on Wednesday. He was a shy little one who lit up and started hamming around when I gave him an apple.

The baby in the corner is a year and two months old, but was really tiny. He was in a shack fire two weeks ago when his family knocked over a candle in the night and burned the shack down around them. His mom and dad are also in the hospital with burns. This little one was born with cerebral palsy. His face and hand were badly burned. His hand had open oozing wounds. It was horrific to see a child in such pain. He giggled a bit when I tickled his tummy. He has a grandmother who sits by his side taking care of him.

Sharon and I spent some time with them and prayed for them all before we left. The grandmother was overcome with emotion.

I’m writing all of this to ask for your help. My heart is incredibly heavy for these families right now. Without going into too much detail, I will say that they are all without medical insurance and therefore in the government hospital where the care is less than desirable. For example, the children are only being given Tylenol syrup as a pain reliever, the diapers given by the hospital are too small for the almost two year old, and the parents are in charge of the babie’s care . As far as I know there is no heat in the room either, and we are in the middle of winter. I am writing to ask for money so we can take care packages to these precious people. I would like to give the children some toys and books, some food that is healthy and tastes good, and some clothes and diapers. For the care givers I would like to get books, toiletries, food and air time so they are able to use their cell phones if they need to.

The aim would be to take weekly care packages as long as these families remain in the hospital. We’ve already taken a package with, but would like to begin putting the next one together within the week.

Please consider helping Yomanda, Kiara and the rest. Help us share the love & comfort of Christ in this difficult time. Also, please pray for these sweet babies. Their names are Kiara, Paul and Joseph.

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