Katutura I 3 Measures, YWAM Namibia


Katutura, located in the capital city of Windhoek, is Namibia’s largest township.A view of Katutura: Photo by audreraephotography.com

In the 1960′s the apartheid government forced all black Africans in Windhoek to move into a single settlement on the outskirts of the city. This settlement was eventually named “Katutura,” Herero for “the place we do not want to live.” Until independence in 1990, the people of Katutura were oppressed and forced to live in areas divided by each tribal/ethnic group.

Today, Katutura is a vibrant Windhoek suburb and makes up nearly 60% of Windhoek’s total population. The population of Katutura has grown from about 4,000 people in the beginning to roughly 180,000 today; this number continues to grow as people come to the city in search of employment.

A home in Katutura: Photo by audreraephotography.comGenerations of oppression have led to a cycle of poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, HIV and other sicknesses. These are just a few of the difficulties the residents of Katutura face every day. It is a place where few see hope, but is a place full of potential. This is the home of 3 Measures.

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