8 days.

8 Days. This morning we woke up, and the date was the 20th of October. The visa that we are on expires on the 28th of October. We have 8 days left and then we need to pack our stuff and get out of the country. This knowledge that we are only here on a temporary visa has been on our minds for 6 months now. (That’s right people, we have been in Namibia for six months now!!!)
We have applied for a work permit, the application takes several months. Apparently it can take up to a year, but usually at least six  months. We turned ours in in August, so if any of you are doing the math three months is more than eight days.
This morning I was sitting in the living room trying to decide where we would pack all of our things and how we would tell our landlord.
Then I went to lunch with Suzanne, (yes I am doing better, I can walk unaided now!) and then David called.
He was acting kind of weird on the phone, he kept asking me weird questions, and his voice was hoarse. It turned out that his voice was hoarse because he had been yelling. It also turned out that he was yelling because he got a letter from home affairs congratulating us on our two year work permit. We got it. We are now able to legally work in Namibia until the 15th of October 2012.
Praise Jesus! Thanks for all the prayers!

9 thoughts on “8 days.

  1. Listen carefully, and you can hear me shouting a word of Thanks to God. Don
    P.S. My visa will be here Friday so I leave on Monday for China.

  2. I am so overjoyed by your great blessings. I miss you guys. Your in our prayers constantly and will continue to be. I love you guys. May God continue to bless the ministry!